VermaChar™ combines the benefits of biochar (charcoal derived from biomass) with our premium vermacompost “VermaGrow”. This unique formulation delivers an outstanding biological source of beneficial microorganisms and microbial foods. For mixing and applications see product description below.

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For potting soils, seed starting medium, topdressing and to enhance and inoculate topsoil and compost. We recommend mixing 25-50% by volume for most all early to mid successional perennial plants. We also recommend adding 5% by volume our Active “F” & “B” foods.

VermaChar™ is a biological source of beneficial soil microorganisms, enriched substrates and microbial foods. Biochar is a term used for biomass charcoal derived from plant materials. This formulation allows beneficial microbes to survive harsh soil environments, improve nutrient cycling, and increase plant health.

VermaChar is a 21st Century application of an age-old soil solution first employed successfully by the indigenous tribes in the Amazon thousands of years ago.

At the core of our VermaChar is Biochar, a natural amendment that improves soil structure, reduces erosion and is the only amendment to last hundreds of years in the soil.

How does it work?

It all begins with pyrolysis, heating dry biomass, including plants and organic waste, at extreme temperatures in an oxygen free environment. The result is a fine-grain charcoal material whose structure is a microscopic honeycomb. Each tiny compartment provides a permanent home for beneficial soil bacteria while also storing moisture and nutrients.

VermaChar promotes immediate uptake with its application, enhancing the soil structure without depleting nutrients like so many other soil amendments can. Biochar’s porosity improves soil structure while reducing erosion. But with the initial application of traditional Biochar, the amendment pulls beneficial nutrients from the soil into its microscopic pores, temporarily lessening the nutrient value of the soil. VermaChar defeats this depletion by pre-inoculating the Biochar with our VermGrow worm castings, humates and trace minerals. The now filled pores have no reason or capacity to pull from the soil, allowing for an immediate uptake without any soil depletion.

The improved structure of VermaChar amended soil not only reduces your fertilizer requirements, it also modifies the climatic and environmental impacts on your cropland. VermaChar creates a soil carbon pool that can even be carbon-negative!

• VermaChar Improves cation exchange capacity for greater mineral delivery to plant roots.

• Produces healthy tilth and structure (humus), reducing compaction so soil can breathe.

• Neutralizes and mantains pH of soil.

• Increases the water holding capacity of the soil.

• Improves germination of seedlings.

• VermaChar Improves resistence to infestation by fungus nematodes, and insects.

• Neutralizes toxins in the soil.

• VermaChar Provides a rich source of carbon to build hummus/organic matter and increase productvity.

• VermaChar’s honeycomb structure improves soil structure.

• VermaChar retains nutrients reducing total fertilizer requirements.

• VermaChar reduces erosion.

• VermaChar is carbon-negative.

• VermaChar is a permanente form of carbon sequestration.

• Biochar, (a property that is in our VermaChar) is the only amendment that lasts hundreds of years in your soil.

• Amending Soil with BioChar is modeled after a process begun thousands of years ago in the Amazon.

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