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Enroll In Our 6-8 Application Program

With our services, you’ll enjoy a meticulously curated plan consisting of 6 to 8 carefully timed applications over the course of 365 days.

1. Standard Healthcare Plan
You receive six timed applications of nutrient-dense organic fertilizers, soil conditioners, and craftsman-made active liquid compost extract. Your plan includes organic treatment of common weeds, and surface insect control.

2. Premium Healthcare Plan
Eight applications of nutrient-dense organic fertilizers, soil conditioners, our craftsman’s activated liquid compost extract, and two customized liquid compost extract drenches. Your premium plan integrates organic selective spot treatment of broadleaf weeds, crabgrass, surface insects and grubs, and fall spot seeding up to 500 square feet of bare areas.

Are you considering replacing or renovating your lawn? Late summer or early fall is the best time to seed, however, we are available for a complimentary assessment of your lawn condition anytime. As professionals, we will advise you depending on the current conditions and environmental factors on your property. We always use premium blue tag-certified grass seed and customized blends for your lawn’s specific conditions. Our custom-specialized equipment is designed to give you the best results possible.

-Lawn replacement
-Renovation (Slice Seeding)
-Core Aeration and Broadcast Seeding
-Top Dressing

Customized holistic approach to care for your ornamental trees and shrubs. The treatments we provide are organic and of the least invasive of their kind to your trees and property ensuring notable protection of beneficial insects, animal populations, and waterways. Timed inspections and applications can restore and maintain your ornamental trees and shrub’s health without toxic chemicals.

-Inspection and Treatment Program
-Organic Deep Root Fertilization
-Liquid Biological Amendments
-Organic Surface Bed Fertilization
-Horticultural Oil Spray
-Winter Evergreen Protection
-Deer Protection
-Tree Trunk Injection
-Soil Surface Injection
-Ornamental Pruning and Care
-Tree Consultations and Physicals
-Pelletized Humate Compost/Natural Fertilizers

Soil Amendments
These recommended amendments from your soil test report customize your lawn care plan. When implemented you will see better results faster. They include but are not limited to microbial detacher, additional organic material, core aeration, and balancing organic nutrient content and pH. Creating a balanced soil chemistry allows for proper aeration, drainage and provides an ideal environment for beneficial soil biology and plant growth.

Transform Your Landscape with Harringtons Organic Lawn, Tree and Shrub Care

With our expertise at Harringtons, we can provide you with lush green lawns and landscapes without relying on the use of harsh pesticides and constant synthetic fertilization. After all, you deserve to enjoy your yard with peace of mind.

For years you have been told the most important nutrients for plant growth were N-P-K (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium). This is simply not true. The most important nutrients are C-H-O (Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen). The reality is at plant maturity Nitrogen will make up less than 2% of total plant biomass!

Our Mission

Educate and share knowledge to help others minimize their environmental impact through regenerative land care practices.

Our Vision

Harringtons Organic Land Care vision is to restore the Earth’s soils for present and future generations.

Exploring Short-Term Lawn Care Solutions for Your Needs?

We have other services for you. Your lawn and garden landscape deserves a bit of freedom and flexibility pay for what you need!
**Do note these are not our main services, contact our office to get started on a plan that’s right for you**

Mole-Vole Control

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Say goodbye to pesky moles wreaking havoc on your lawn. Our specialized Mole Management services offer effective and tailored solutions to eliminate moles, voles, and other vermin living on your property.

Grub Prevention

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Introducing our Grub Prevention service: Say goodbye to destructive beetle grubs and protect your landscape with our effective solution. We utilize the powerful bio-insecticide, grubGONE!®.

LBA - Compost Extract

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Combines the benefits of an insect and disease inhibitor with nutritional supplements, all in a single product. Its primary component is composted worm castings sourced from our internal worm farm.

Insect Repellent

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Specially designed for outdoor events and gatherings with friends and family without the annoyance of insects. Great-smelling organic blend of natural essential oils, including cedar wood extract and other extracts.

Drought Lawn Saver

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Save your lawns with our drought protection service. Our organic solution acts as a natural wetting agent, significantly reducing surface tension and improving water penetration, and drainage.
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A Pioneer in Organic Land Care

For the past 30 years Todd has built an honest and solid relationship with his customers. It takes a special person to be an organic land care pioneer. Todd has helped, revolutionize organic land care. He has co-authored the nation’s first organic land care standards and travels the world as a soil consultant. He has over 35 years’ experience in the Green Industry and has 30 years’ experience focused on Organic plant care. His work with soil microbiology and soil chemistry helps provide scientific basis for successful organic soil management practices and applications. He has taught in the NOFA Accreditation Course in Organic Land Care since 2004.

Todd Harrington Bio

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