About Us


A Family Owned Business Rooted in the Community

Since 1987, our mission has been to educate and share knowledge to help others minimize their environmental impact through regenerative land care practices.

Our family-owned business has its roots in Connecticut’s Farmington Valley. We are well known to our neighbors, who are often our clients. We provide lush green healthy landscapes without relying on harsh chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. International services also include soil testing, Organic SolutionsTM products, custom compost, consulting and training for professional “Organic Pros.”
Our Commitment to Our Customers

The Harrington’s Difference

Organic Materials & Methods

We use only the finest, safest organic materials and techniques available.

Dedicated Support

We are readily available to answer any questions our clients may have.

High Quality Yet Fair Prices

High quality, organic products that you can afford.

Environmentally Conscious

When it is essential to use chemicals, we do so sparingly, as one might use medicines for a certain ailment.

Fueled by Happy Customers

We consistently work above the expectations of our clients to preserve and beautify their landscape so it will be a source of pride and enjoyment for years to come.

Extremely Knowledgeable

Over 35 years’ experience in the industry providing customers with organic, innovative solutions for land care.

our three-step process for

Healthier Trees, Lawns & Shrubs


Soil Test

Our customized soil test will allow us to identify what minerals and microbes are missing or tied up in your soil. This is your roadmap to a healthy and
beautiful landscape.


Restore & Balance the Soil

Our Organic SolutionsTM services and products make soil productive again.This process reduces synthetic fertilizers and pesticides which results in dramatic improvements over a few years. - change to over time.


Easy, Organic Maintenance

Caring for your newly regenerated soil is easy with our biological approach. Our management practices minimize the need for constant watering and mowing in turn reducing your carbon footprint.

Todd and Elaine partnership

A Nationally Acclaimed Partnership

Harrington’s Organic Land Care is proud to be an affiliated Soil Food Web lab and has been doing independent soil testing on compost and compost tea extract we manufacture. Quality control, experience and consist results is the key to our success and yours. Todd is recognized nationally and internationally as a true pioneer and expert in organic plant care having made it his business since 1987. He is an international consultant and national organic speaker and trainer who has written numerous published papers – of which some have been employed as the basis for legislation. Todd is certified by the Soil Food Web®, headed by Dr. Elaine Ingham, who is internationally recognized as one of the world’s preeminent soil microbiologists.

“I’ve worked with soil ecologists all over the world developing organic approaches for lawn care and there is no one more suited than Todd Harrington to be the research director for this company. Todd is very knowledgeable, he’s developed the concept and applied it in real world situations to make organic land care work. He is a real pioneer in this field”.

– Dr. Elaine Ingham Ph.D Soil Food Web

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