Compost Tea and Soil Catalyst (Fungal Food Blend)

Use with VermaGrow, VermaMate and VermaChar Premium Compost.

This blend of nutrients and activators stimulates the rapid growth of beneficial fungi for use in foliar sprays, soil drenches and soil amendments for mid to late successional perennial plants like ground cover, some row crops, berries, shrubs, ornamental & fruit trees and evergreens

Recommended Use

Add 2-cups (16oz.) “Active F” per 5lbs. of VermaGrow or VermaMate Starter to make 50 gallons of tea. Actively aerate for 24-48 hours depending on temperature (cooler = longer brew time). Fungal development improves with longer brew time, but be aware of rapid bacterial growth in higher temperatures. Enough for (5) 50 gallon batches = 250 Gallons

For potting soils, seed starting medium, topdressing and to enhance and inoculate topsoil and compost. We recommend mixing 5-10% by volume for most all mid to late successional perennial plants.

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Active F is an effective, fungal food, amendment for mid to late successional plants like some row crops, ground cover, berries, shrubs, fruit trees and evergreens where slightly acidic environment are preferred by the particular varieties of plants.

General Information on Fungi:

Fungi are comprised of microscopic cells that grow in long threads called hyphae. Fungal hyphae bind soil particles into macro-aggregates which increase the soil’s ability to absorb and retain water. Fungi also play an important role in the breaking down of organic matter into useful forms and assists in nutrient retention and disease suppression.

Mycorrhizal fungi colonize the roots of most plant species, forming a mutually beneficial relationship that has a significant role in nutrient uptake and protects against root feeding nematodes and pathogens. Mycorrhizal fungi are especially important in supplying plant available phosphorus. Many studies have documented a decrease in mycorrhizal colonization when soluble phosphorus levels are high, usually as a result of excessive use of inorganic fertilizers.

We recommend adding 16 oz of (pre-diluted) fish hydrolysate as additional food and if the plants need a nitrogen boost.

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