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Tick and Mosquito Management

Bloomfield tick control, whether you are outside enjoying your beautiful backyard or relaxing on your lawn the last thing you want to deal with is ticks and mosquitoes. With Harrington’s organic tick and mosquito management services, you can enjoy your backyard free of worry! Our team of dedicated professionals utilizes eco-friendly products that will leave your yard beautiful. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services, or we will come back free of charge!

Safer Products and Programs

Your outdoor concerns are our priority. We can effectively treat your property for ticks and mosquitos in the most organic way. We use botanical essential oils, biologicals, and true natural organic sprays in your management program and only a true pyrethrum product derived from the Chrysanthemum flower. Our trucks are set up to mix and drench products along wooded borders and your knowledgeable technician will saturate the problematic areas in your yard and along wooded borders for optimum management.

We do not fog chemical pyrethroids products in the air and around your home with backpack mist blowers.

Pyrethrum, Pyrethrin, Pyrethroid….Confused Yet?

The Harrington's Way

  • Pyrethrum is the dried, powdered flower heads of certain chrysanthemum species.

Other Synthetic Products… WE DO NOT USE IT ON YOUR PROPERTY.

  • Pyrethrins are the active ingredients found in the dried flower heads. Pyrethrins degrade approximately 24 hours after spraying.
  • Piperonyl butoxide (PBO) is an additive that increases the effectiveness of pyrethrins. It has recently been discovered that PBO is an active ingredient itself, and as such, it is not yet widely accepted by organic growers.
  • Pyrethroids are synthetic, man-made chemicals based on the pyrethrins found in the dried flower heads of certain chrysanthemum species. Pyrethroids have a long residual period after spraying and are thus more lethal to a wider range of insects than pyrethrins. Pyrethroids are not considered organic.
  • Permethrin is a common synthetic pyrethroid that also contains chlorine. This has a very long residual life, so avoid using it on food crops.

Management techniques include life cycle targeting, growing degree day calculations, choosing the correct products, and applying them in the most opportune way for maximum control.

General Facts

Tick & Mosquito Management

Small, 1-2 mm in size, ticks and mosquitoes are some of nature’s most efficient disease vectors. While ticks are responsible for a variety of illnesses and diseases including Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and tularemia; mosquitoes play a major role in viral hemorrhagic fevers like West Nile virus. The threat is ever-present, but there are measures that can be taken to decrease risk and educate clients on risk factors in their local area. Hire our family-owned business to manage all your tick & mosquito management needs.

The CDC now reports 16 different tick-borne pathogens affecting humans, many of which have been discovered in the last few years. Our natural botanical and biological insecticides manage all stages of deer ticks and mosquitoes. Areas to be treated can include lawns and woodland borders and applications are made year-round. Multiple applications are always recommended (3-8 applications).

How Does This Benefit You?

If you have a family, your biggest worry during summer months is most likely ticks and mosquitoes.  The best way to deal with these pests without risking your family’s health is to get rid of them before they even appear. Look for a lawn care company that offers tick-and-mosquito management services such as Harrington’s Organic. A professional will use eco-friendly methods to manage ticks and mosquitos on your lawn, making it easier for you to enjoy yourself outside without worrying about being bitten or infected by something nasty. One thing we’re sure of: You’ll love how safe it feels when you see those critters scurrying away from home, once our service begins!

How does it help the environment?

Our Eco-friendly methods are good for your lawn, your family, and our environment. Unlike many non-eco-friendly pest control services that rely on heavy chemicals to kill insects, our tick and mosquito management provides solutions that protect plants from damage while also enhancing their growth and health. Chemical-based treatments often require ongoing applications to ensure effective control, but our premium lawn care services can offer residual protection with a single application! With our safe, natural treatments you can reduce or eliminate harmful chemicals from your lawn by contacting us today.

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