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LBA combines the benefits of an insect and disease inhibitor with a nutritional supplement, all in a single product. Its primary component is composted worm castings sourced from our internal worm farm. We enhance this mixture with humate, kelp, and fish emulsion. By harnessing the power of biology and applying it at the right time, LBA aids plants in overcoming stress caused by pests, unpredictable weather conditions, and urban environments. As a crucial element in an effective land care strategy, Liquid Biological Amendments can be applied throughout the year.

Note: This is a one-time complete drench of our LBA product
($12-$15 per 1000 sqft)

Time: This treatment would be scheduled for the next visit to your area.

(Do understand this is a one-time payment service)

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10,000 Sqft, 15,000 Sqft, 25,000 Sqft