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Specially designed for outdoor events and gatherings with friends and family without the annoyance of insects. Our premium great-smelling organic blend of natural essential oils, including cedar wood extract and garlic, is expertly applied to your lawn, shrubs, and bed areas. This powerful combination creates a subtle, pleasant scent that acts as a deterrent to various insects, ensuring they stay away from your property.

Our all-organic program has delivered outstanding results, saving our customers money by eliminating the need for multiple applications.

Note: Highly recommended for events and gatherings such as BBQs, weddings, or regular family time, you name it!
($15 per 1000 sqft Over 25,000 sqft)

Time: This treatment would be scheduled for the next visit to your area.

(Do understand this is a one-time payment service)

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10,000 Sqft, 15,000 Sqft, 25,000 Sqft