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Introducing our Grub Prevention service: Say goodbye to destructive beetle grubs and protect your landscape with our effective solution. We utilize the powerful bio-insecticide, grubGONE!®. Unlike conventional pesticides, our product, based on Bacillus thuringiensis galleriae (Btg), offers equivalent efficacy without harmful side effects or damage to beneficial insects like pollinators.

With grubGONE!, your entire landscape can be economically, effectively, and safely protected from destructive beetle grubs such as Japanese, Asiatic, June, and Oriental Beetles, European Chafers, and more. Our product controls grubs at all life stages, including the challenging later 2nd and 3rd-instar forms, making it both a curative and preventative treatment.

Note: Shield your lawn from becoming a lush feast for pesky grubs.
($20 per 1000 sqft Over 25,000 sqft)

Time: This treatment would be scheduled for the next visit to your area.

(Do understand this is a one-time payment service)

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10,000 Sqft, 15,000 Sqft, 25,000 Sqft